Guidance on the inclusion of transgender including non-binary young people

Published: 29 May 2024
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Changes to the annual returns 2023-24

Published: 09 January 2024
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Annual Returns FAQs 2023-24

Published: 04 December 2023
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Self-evaluation for improvement - your guide

Published: 09 November 2023
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Safer Recruitment Through Better Recruitment

Published: 03 October 2023
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Good care for vegetarians and vegans

Published: 28 September 2023

Self-evaluation tool and guidance for care services and inspectors looking at quality indicator 1.3: People’s health benefits from their care and support.

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Identification pathways and levels of quality improvement support

Published: 30 August 2023
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Nappy changing guidance for early learning and childcare services

Published: 22 August 2023
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Staff and registered service summary guidance on the use of 13ZA, Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968

Published: 09 August 2023
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Position paper - Depriving and restricting liberty for children and young people in care home, school care and secure accommodation services

Published: 20 June 2023

We recognise that services are treading a delicate balance between taking necessary action to keep children and young people safe, whilst not unnecessarily restricting liberty. Our new position paper aims to set out our attitude, expectation, and actions around the restriction and deprivation of liberty in care home, school care and secure accommodation services. This includes circumstances where children and young people may be deprived of their liberty, where their liberty is restricted, or where this is a risk through environmental design and/or care practices.

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