Following assessment, there are a number of ways we can handle complaints when they are raised with us, and we may use multiple methodologies for one complaint. It is important that each complaint is dealt with through the most appropriate route to ensure that concerns are resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. 

All complaints are assessed for any aspects of adult and child protection. Any complaints which require to be assessed as adult or child protection are referred to the lead agency, the social work department and/or police. We keep in touch with the social work department/police until a decision is made about any investigation they will undertake. If a decision is made that no investigation is required by them, the issues will be re-assessed through our resolution pathways and investigated by the Care Inspectorate if this is appropriate.  

The 4 resolution pathways

These are:    

Intelligence - where we receive information about a care service, we may use the information as intelligence about the service to help inform our scrutiny and improvement support activity. For example, bringing forward a full, unannounced inspection of a service. 

Direct service action – when issues are straightforward and suitable for quick or immediate action, we contact the service and ask that they engage directly with the person making the complaint to resolve the issues directly with the person. Typically, this is used to intervene quickly and achieve a positive result. 

Investigation by the care provider – when issues are suitable for the complaint to be investigated via the service’s complaint procedure, we obtain consent to share the person’s contact details with the service and we require the service provider and ask them to investigate the concerns and respond to the complaint and to the Care Inspectorate.  

Complaint investigation by the Care Inspectorate – following assessment, we investigate serious complaints about failings in care that have led to or are likely to lead to poor outcomes from an individual or individuals. 

We receive information from a range of sources. As referred to above, every complaint raised is risk-assessed to determine the seriousness of the concerns and dealt with appropriately and proportionately. If we investigate and uphold a complaint about a care service, the outcome is published on our website.