During a recent inspection of Rossie Secure Accommodation Services, we identified areas of sector leading practice. The service, that offers a total of 18 bedrooms in a secure residential setting with access to education, strived to meet the key areas identified in The Promise. We identified they were meeting this aspect identified in The Promise which states “Care experienced children and young people will receive all they need to thrive at school. There will be no barriers to their engagement with education, and schools will know and cherish their care experienced pupils.” The service has described an innovative aspect of the work they are doing to support children and young people.

Blog by Lesley Mollison, service development manager at Rossie secure accommodation: Brewing up promising futures

At Rossie, every child and young person has the opportunity to thrive. We recognise that sometimes traditional teaching methods do not work for everyone,  so we have created a range of  innovative, engaging learning experiences. One such initiative is our Barista Cafe - 'Coffee Le Rossie'.  Coffee Le Rossie is much more than just a coffee shop, it's a springboard for success.

Promise in every cup

Our young-person-run cafe goes beyond being Promise-informed. Young people gain valuable vocational training in hospitality, from mastering barista skills and customer service to financial literacy. These transferable skills enhance their employability, giving them the confidence and abilities to navigate the world of work.

But the benefits go so much deeper. Working in the cafe develops valuable life skills. Young people work as part of a team,  improve their communication skills as well as getting experience of positively interacting with  customers. All of these skills and experiences are essential for personal growth and future success. Coffee Le Rossie has blossomed into a vibrant community hub, and our young people have created a welcoming space for everyone to connect,  underpinned by a powerful sense of belonging and inclusion.

Learning beyond the counter

From preparing food and “crafting designer beverages” to operating equipment, young people gain priceless hands-on experience. This builds a sense of accomplishment and equips them with practical skills they can take with them into their new lives.  Interacting  and mingling with customers hones their communication and interpersonal skills, preparing our young people for future working environments.

Running the cafe requires teamwork and collaboration, and our young people work together towards a common goal, fostering responsibility and a strong team spirit. They have shown they are adaptable and flexible and the beverages have different flavours to reflect the different seasons - crucial skills for navigating changing customer needs.

Coffee Le Rossie transcends its walls by sourcing ingredients from our garden and local businesses. This commitment to sustainability strengthens the local economy and partnerships.

The future's brewing

Our Barista Cafe is a shining example of how innovative initiatives empower young people. By equipping them with important and transferrable skills and fostering a sense of purpose and inclusion, Coffee Le Rossie is 'brewing up promising futures' for everyone involved

An insight into the cafe from a young person

"The Barista Cafe is the coolest place! I have learnt how to make different drinks like fancy coffees and smoothies. It's like being a scientist in the kitchen! Plus, I got to learn how to serve people properly who come in, just like a superhero of friendliness!

Working at the cafe makes me feel like part of a big team at Rossie and school. I meet pretty much everyone who works in Rossie. It has even helped me get qualifications and learn new things in other classes like business studies and craft and design where I even built a clock for the cafe, which was really something.

Now I feel confident because I know how to make drinks and serve people the right way. These are skills I can use wherever I go. The money I earn is great, but all the other stuff is even better!"